About Me
Hello.. My name is Jennifer Heerkens, I'm a mom, a wife, chick flick fanatic, and photographer based in the Medicine Hat area. I have always had a passion for photography, it was once a hobby and now it has been a long time career. I'm currently in the process of taking some Milky way photography courses online, and looking into other photography courses on top of running my Still Moments Photography business as well as be a stay at home mom to my little girl Hailey.  I absolutely LOVE what I do, and can not imagine my life without photography. I specialize in lifestyle photography, including (but not limited to) family, maternity, children, newborn photography. I am always looking to try something new, and welcome client's fun and interesting ideas for shoots. I like to create work that retains my style and quality, while still being as unique to the client as possible. I will bring excitement to every shoot and want to get you excited to document your own family story. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and then moved to Medicine Hat where I met my husband (assistant) and then had my daughter in December 18/2016.
My goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength, and enthusiasm of people. I know with all my being that photography is what I'm meant to be doing. My heart tells me so every single day. The best is when my clients reveal their love for my work, I'm truly inspired by that. I want my clients to be happy and to capture what makes them happy. I hope that while you're looking around here, you'll see and feel what's in my heart and what makes me happy. If you feel connected to the heart behind my work, then I can't wait to hear from you. I have a passion for capturing special moments in my client's lives. I freeze moments in time and provide my client's with beautiful, high quality images based on my education of light, angles, camera equipment and my creativity as an artist. Photography is my passion..... preserving memories is my drive and creating stunning images that touches the hearts of others is my goal. With photography I'm always learning something new and I want to make my clients happy by capturing their special events in their lives. I do just love taking pictures of people, I also love taking pictures of animals and nature, whatever catches my eye. Have a good look around, I hope you find what you are looking for. I live for sincere moments, and stunning locations. I would love to help you capture everything you have been dreaming of. The moments, the memories, the happiness and everything in between. I am passionate about authentic, real moments, and want you to remember your event.

Photography is the beauty of life captured

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your hearts tomorrow"